At the Beginning

I don’t actually know what I’m doing here, starting this blog. I have always loved to write as an expression of my thought and feelings. I’ve also been raised very practically, so it seems I should have a “good reason” for doing this.

Instead I feel like this is the next step to pursuing some of the entrepreneur cravings that have awakened inside of me in the last few months, the next step to being able to write to my heart’s content, and perhaps maybe even finding a way to be able to encourage the hearts of those around me.

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

I want to help with the washing of souls. Mine included.

I don’t have a lot of answers. I’m young and inexperienced in much of life, but I’m learning about grace, about living faithfully, about sorrow and joy and the power of love in a very broken world.

My goal is to honor Jesus with all that is said here.

Along with the excitement of this new venture, I have some fears as well. I don’t want to write just to be “relevant”; I want to write what’s on my heart without sharing things that are too personal, best left on the pages of my own journal; I want to develop my skills and interests, but sometimes I doubt my own abilities.

Perhaps a leap of faith will take me farther than I know.

My sister, Katie, in her challenge to me to join her in writing every day for the next year may have provided that leap of faith. I have accepted her challenge, although I will not post here every day. I am joining her and several friends at as we write together for the next year to see where all of this may take us.

Those of you have done this before me, feel  free to leave advice below!

Happy New Year, everyone!








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